This site contains a short catalog of video/audio documentation and witness testimony about some things that defy explanation. Most of the events were experienced by the Dim Halo team Keli Ostara and Glen Benson. After years of unexplainable experiences and encounters, Glen and Keli finally decided to document the events with recording devices in order to get a better understanding of the who.. what.. where.. when...why.. things.
Since things happen intermittently and not on que, it is not easy to capture anomalies or entities at the precise moment. We have recently decided to stop erasing and pay attention. The recordings we will continue to reveal from this point forward, are not only activities that are in real time as recorded, but are also intriguing and somewhat questionable.
The audio and video on this site has never been altered, other than to slow it down, zoom in, or improve the quality. Watch and Listen.

You decide.

Recorded Activities

Manifestation: The following events took place after experiencing yet another visitor that had woke us up, but this time it was early morn. At approximately 6am Keli began speaking outloud while having premenitions during a dream state that a dark entity was approcaching. She woke herself up after a short angry dialog with the new comers. I myself was also awakened due to the activity happening in the room along with the tone of Keli's voice that had become alarming. She felt something quickly move from her bedside while threatening the unwanted guest away. We eventually fell back to sleep in hope's Keli had rid of the uninvited visitor. The next morning we reviewed the video from the security camera and this is what we found. It is now 8 days later and this particular entity has not resurfaced, or at least made itself known.
Little Girl Talking: We heard a little girls voice in the house on a few occasions prior to this recording but unfortunately the EVP recorders were not running at the time. The first time it sounded like she said the word "mommy." The second time we heard the same voice but could not make out the communication. Directly after the second event, a force slammed against the bedroom door. We opened the door and did not witness anything to the naked eye other than a feeling of something present. The 3rd episode took place while lying in bed. Her voice came from the hallway so it is faint but you can hear it as we did. I removed the background noise using Adobe Audition, accompanied by a star trek sound artifact that comes from the de-noiser. I turned up the volume so you can hear the voice clearer. This was the second time that evening we had heard her. After the first voice came through, I grabbed a recorder to be ready in hopes to catch it live. In Mid Aug 2017, Keli was startled in the kitchen when she noticed a little girl watching her while she was tailoring an article of clothing. We rolled back the video and caught some large orbs flying around her location and what appeared to be a manifestation of a little girl peeking over the mantle watching her. Keli screamed, since this was so sudden and unexpected, then the orbs flew away from her like streaks of lightning. The image of the girl was gone in an instant but she (Keli) screamed so loud it scared the hell out of me. The sighting was a week or 2 after this audio was recorded. Unfortunately, I could not save the video because Keli was half naked.
Orbs in Kitchen: We were awakened by loud noises and rustling around in the kitchen (which is pretty far away from the bedroom) so the next morning I looked over the security footage from the time it was happening. This is all you could see from the camera angle. Could be dust but what stirred it up?
Visitor: While in an OBE state, I was awakened by Glen during a typical nightly experience on the astral plane with an unexpected visitor. He thought I was in distress, but I was casually dispelling the negative entity out of our realm. We happened to be recording this night so was pleased to capture on audio. The first voice your hear that sounds like "Kiya," is not my voice and comes from a distant part of the room. A few moments later, I react as if something has either left my body or has quickly entered into channeling. After Glens concern for my state of being, I simply fell back to sleep.