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This is why we do what we do.
Keli Glen
Hi. Welcome to DIM HALO.
After many years of living as a spiritualist, I have decided to embark on an anomalous perspective of existence and accumulate detailed evidence to share with people who are in search of proof the afterlife exists. The things we don't speak of, not of this world, or as we understand it to be. As a young girl into adulthood I have had over four decades of in depth esoteric and somewhat spooky paranormal contact. During my youth, I presumed if I said anything to anyone about my experiences, they wouldn't believe me, I would get into trouble for making up stories, or they would claim I have demonic spirits. I grew up with an evangelistic Pentecostal background but I am not close minded. I believe there is much more inexplicable phenomenon happening in the universe and spirit world than what I had learned throughout my time here, so would like to give credit where it is due. There is an endless amount of occurrences, observations, and experiences that has happened during my life and up to date in the spirit realm, so I am here to share the knowledge and expose whatever encounters may take place from this point forward. There are no records prior to this site other than my word and people who are close to me whom have either experienced with me or have simply been there to listen, understand, and support mine. I've lost information through time, so I am starting to document events in hopes to validate and make sense of it all in order to lend force to you. I receive profound and prophetic messages from time to time within the spirit realm, in a deeper level of consciousness while asleep and much of the time through the conscious astral projection during meditation and in dream state. I began to experience OBE (out of body experiences) at a young age so became interested in learning how to gain more control while in this other state of being. I have since come to comprehend this higher level of consciousness while accepting it as a gift, for I am now capable of exploiting information to help others, to better understand the supernatural, to be the light in the dark, as we are all connected. Years ago we had to look things up at the library or purchase a book, so I read through several to come to the chapter of angels and demons where I then shut the book and decided to figure things out for myself and come to my own conclusions. As I became accustom to the non-physical me in pursuit of how to control these OBE's, things became more interesting and my curiosity grew. I have always shared my dreams and encounters with my friends and family. I was born February 26th 1974, so what you will learn about me is not only upon recall but simply what is real. From what I have dealt with and witnessed, there is no beginning and no end. After many years of encounters with the spirit world and people alike, I have come to find it is an ongoing conquest in search of authentication, but some things we are not suppose to know. It is beyond our comprehension and we may never know until we are no longer in the physical body and maybe not even then, because if so we wouldn't encounter lost or trapped entities. Some things are also better left unsaid. Make NO mistake, not everyone is left unscathed after coming into contact with the paranormal. It can be quite disturbing, sometimes alarming, startling and down right scary. It can also leave you in a much worse state of being depending on the situation. I have had encounters with angels as well as dark forces and also extraterrestrial beings. I have spent many years combating dark forces in a "spiritual warfare sense," along with conversations and encounters I have invoked with deceased loved ones or those of which come from the spirit world on the astral plane.
In order to accept the supernatural, it is necessary to be open to the spirit world without fear. Most people believe in the supernatural because of an experience they have had at least once in their lifetime. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to connect with humans or get close to people who don't believe.
I am a mother of a teenage daughter coming into her own, who is a witness and true testimony to the many events that have occurred while raising her. She has learned to protect herself and understand the gifts she will eventually learn to embrace as well. We have been living a very private and secluded life as that is the way we function best, in order to protect our energy fields. I was introduced to Glen many years ago. He and I became close friends for a few years before taking our relationship to the next level. We have been united for 7 years now. Glen installed video cameras throughout the house so we could catch events and record them. We recently began to save some phenomenon that has taken place and will continue to do so from now on in order to share with you. Enjoy.
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